Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is one of the most commonest desalination process used today to produce good quality drinking water and process water. Over the last few years, the RO plants have become very popular with the cost coming down drastically and the performance of the membranes highly tolerant and better.

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RO Plants are increasingly used for :

Drinking water production.

Process water production.

Ultra pure water production (instead of Demineralisation plant).

Cooling tower make up water.

Boiler feed water.

RO Plants Manufacturing

RO plants are manufactured as per normal industry standards, and are either semi automatic or fully automatic systems. Capacity from a minimum of 1500 GPD are offered with large capacity plants as per the requirement can be supplied.ß DCS operated system are offered based on the requirement, specifically for refineries, water authorities, and industries. Containerized units are offered with complete automation or connectivity to BMS systems. Our RO plants are manufactured in our UAE facility. We are approved by almost all the reputed consultants and industries.